Is your life a struggle?

Do you feel exhausted, anxious or depressed?

Let me help you reclaim your life!

I’ve been there.  I totally know what it is like to experience severe fatigue and have to push yourself to get through each and every day. To wake up feeling anxiety through every cell in your body. 

I really get how hard it is!

For 3 years I saw numerous health practitioners to keep myself going…and yet my health and mental state continued to suffer.

Then I discovered the golden key!

It is different for each of us.

Hi, my name is Deanna Lee.  Allow me to share

The Success Formula

with you…

It has worked for me and thousands of others, and I know it will work for YOU!


it works in ALL areas of life

from Health to Wealth !

So let’s get started…. 





Deanna Lee is amazing!  I have been working with her for the last 6 months and I have been very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and passion for not only nutrition, which is very evident, but for finding a healthier way of living and being in all areas of life.

I have been on a personal awareness journey for almost 20 years and was surprised and impressed with Deanna’s abilities and skills in helping me open into new possibilities and create a better life for me and my relationships.

I now feel that I have the understanding and foundations to take my nutritional choices to a new level of health and wellness for my family and me.  If you are looking for changes across all areas of your life and are looking for someone to support you with that, I whole-heartedly recommend Deanna to share your journey with you.

Good luck and thanks D!!

Brett 41, Doonan

Deanna is a healer and mentor I will always turn to and recommend, since being recommended to her by my sister in March 2017.  I was in a very dark space after experiencing severe insomnia for months, which was finally alleviated with just one session of BodyTalk and AromaTouch with Deanna.  I immediately felt safe in her space and found her beautiful energy soothing and her techniques restorative.  Several sessions were required to release the fear and anxiety at the core of the insomnia and Deanna freely offered wonderful tools to use between and beyond her treatments to support my healing, which have changed my life and my experiences.  I am now creating wonderful sleeps and amazing experiences from a much more aligned space, as a result of Deanna’s treatments, insights, compassion, coaching and tools.

Trixie 46, Nambour

About Deanna Anita Lee

Deanna Anita Lee is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Intuitive, Energy worker, Success & Mindset Mentor, Advanced LOA Practitioner and Aroma Touch Technique Practitioner and Essential Oil Advocate.

Her gift is to inspire and nurture you, bring hope and help you discover your own personal keys to vibrant health and an amazing life.

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